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Professioneel filmfan Ruud Vos gaat elke week babbelen met een toffe gast, met wie hij van mening verschilt over een film. Nieuw of oud, het maakt niet uit. En het gesprek mag verder alle kanten op gaan.

Dec 15, 2021

Over-exposure makes the heart grow fonder, it seems. In the U.S., the movie A Christmas Story (1983) gets played on a loop for twentyfour hours, every single year at Christmas. And people love it! Meanwhile, in the Netherlands most people will probably never have heard about director Bob Clark's festive classic. 

It's an episodic family film, centered on Ralphie, a boy who want a BB gun for Christmas. Adventures and larks ensue. And if you've grown up with it, like filmmakers Albert Birney and Kentucker Audley, chances are you'll varry it in your heart with deep, warm feelings.

One of the most refreshing cinema experiences of 2021 was the brilliant and charming Strawberry Mansion, by the directing duo Audley and Birney. At least, for Dutch audiences, because in the States it will be released in February 2022. Kentucker also plays the lead. And you may have seen him before in Ain't Them Bodies Saints, or in V/H/S or the intriguing She Dies Tomorrow. But if you haven't seen Strawberry Mansion yet, please, treat yourself!

In the episode, we also discuss what it implies when you say a movie "works" or not, watching a Christmas movie when it's nowhere near Christmas and director Bob Clark's other yuletide output.


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