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Professioneel filmfan Ruud Vos gaat elke week babbelen met een toffe gast, met wie hij van mening verschilt over een film. Nieuw of oud, het maakt niet uit. En het gesprek mag verder alle kanten op gaan.

Feb 9, 2021

"Sad!" You're not allowed to dislike The LEGO Movie, so says comedian and improv hero Greg Shapiro. Host Ruud, though, doesn't get into the comedy of its writers/directors – Phil Lord and Christopher Miller – at all! They get into it, about the brickiest of all animation movies. So expect some fire, mixed with giggles.

Emmet (Chris Pratt) is the most generic of all of Legodom, but finds he may be the Special who can save all of brickkind. Together with goth rebel Wyldstyle, blind wizard Vetruvius and LEGO Batman he takes up arms against the woeful President (or is it Lord?) Business. And hilarity ensues. At least, for most unexpecting spectators.

And so it did for Greg, who went to see it with his children. He laughed and laughed. And now he's here to tell us all about it! You probably know Mr. Shapiro as the voice of Trump on the Netherlands Second-video from Zondag met Lubach. But did you know he also has his own Youtube Channel, featuring his show The United States of Europe? And he has a new book out as well! Yes, The American Netherlander. Greg also used to be a founding member of improv group Boom Chicago! And he used to present Comedy Central News.

Also, we discuss #releasethelordandmillercut, Greg's own Master Builder moment and a certain character in Down called Chip.

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